Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Everyone from uni is buying vodka and unable to face reality and it's freaking me out!

I saw this article on the Tab: "Everyone form my home town is getting married or having kids and it's freaking me out." The writer, Roisin Lanigan, talks about how she is disturbed by the amount of people from her home town who are getting on with their lives. She admits her abhorrer of someone instagram-ing about breastmilk (I suppose breastfeeding in public is a problem for her as well?). And those who "are now engaged or up the duff" she labels them as "arseholes."

Obviously, I have a major problem with article. In fact, I have several.

Firstly, it's quite obvious the writer is very immature. She is embarrassed by 'having' to congratulate someone on their pregnancy (you know, you don't have to, if you don't want to!). Her life revolves around drinking (she mentions she buys bottles of vodka), and trying "to land work experience".

Lanigan thinks that by posting pictures of your birth scan (personally, I haven't done this, but if you want to, then it's fine right?) is inappropriate. But what happens if I say it's more inappropriate to make a Facebook status about how you much fun you had last night driving drunk? (It wasn't this writer, it was Facebook Friend that got deleted immediately). Do I hear jealously talking about "raking in the likes" from the scan photo? Maturity would be someone able to accept that another person's life is moving in a different direction, at a different pace. If people don't go to university, and decide to get married or have a child young, there isn't anything wrong with that.

This article, or more of a bitching session, snubs people's engagement rings - whether or not a ring is from Argos is none of her business - and posts pictures of people's newborn babies and scan photos. Did she even ask their permission? asks one commenter below the article.

It seems to me that Roisin is struggling to accept that after 3 years of studying partying, she is noticing that we aren't in secondary school anymore. Neither do we live in a Bridget Jones world where our mothers are trying to marry us off whenever we visit them.

University is growing up. For many, it takes the whole 3-4 years to notice that. But honey, you're in the real world now darling. You have to grow up like the rest did years before you.