Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lib Dem Baby.

Our baby is a Lib Dem Baby. That means he is known to the Liberal Democrat community. He is often out campaigning with us, leafleting or canvasing. He features regularly in the newsletters and photos. He has met with the likes of Kirsty Williams, Nick Clegg and Vince Cable. He has attended Federal Conference and sat through the rally. He has proudly put up the orange diamond poster on the outside of his pram saying "Vote Liberal Democrat!" Our baby is a Lib Dem baby.

At the April 2014 Liberal Democrat Conference in York, we met Nick Clegg! It was definitely an experience to remember. He is very down to earth and so easy to talk to. 

We even got a selfie with him! Although I'm not sure that Edward was that impressed about it! Ceredigion's Mark Cole certainly was (look in the top right hand corner!!)

Edward slept through the rally (God knows how when it was so noisy!?!) and he sat quietly through Clegg's speech on Europe. He is such a good little boy! He sneezed in during the speech and a lady a few rows in front turned around to see who sneezed. Her mouth dropped open to see that it was a baby who sneezed. She couldn't believe he had been behind her for 30 minutes without a sound. "He's so cute!" she mouthed to me.

Here is Haakon and Edward making their way trough a phone banking list. Edward is clearly celebrating the confirmation of another voter pledging their support for us. Haakon can phone more people with a baby than most can without! 

---- ---- ---- ----

A baby is so portable. They aren't like a teenager who you have to drag to events and persuade them to act nice. You can just pick up a baby and take them anywhere and they won't question you. They don't get bored like a child would, they are easily amused. They don't run off and cause trouble like a toddler, they'll just stick with you. Babies are also a useful tool for networking - everyone wants to talk to them, and everyone remembers them afterwards. Babies and politics mix better than you'd think!